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Back pain can be tremendously difficult to navigate, emerging from a single or multiple areas, feeling dull or sharp, in a specific location or radiating out to other places. Our spinal cords and vertebrae are quite sensitive, and therefore prone to various injuries – workplace, vehicle, sports, at home – resulting in both sudden and chronic pain.

The experts at Bovaird Health Clinic & Foot Care in Brampton know back pain, and will accurately assess your ailments to custom-tailor a treatment program suited to your individual needs. For effective relief of your back pain, we can apply physio and massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, along with manual spinal adjustments, cyrotherapy and trigger point therapy. You’ll be glad you stepped into Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton.

Potent back pain relief through:

• Acupuncture

Chiropractic treatment

Massage therapy


Manual spinal adjustments

Cyrotherapy (ice pack treatment)

Trigger point therapy

How back pain occurs

The spinal cord and vertebrae are divided into 4 areas: the cervical (corresponding to the neck region), the thoracic (middle-back pain), the lumbar (lower-back pain), and the sacral (tailbone pain). Most pain in these areas results from inflammation, which can be acute (less than 12 weeks) or chronic (more than 12 weeks). The source of the pain may be muscle-related – such as muscle strains, spasms, and imbalances – joint-related, bone-related, or disc-related. Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton will accurately assess your back and localize the source of pain before tailoring a treatment unique to your individual needs.

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