Quick and effective relief of calluses and corns

Calluses commonly form on skin in areas of constant friction or pressure, which hardens and deforms the skin. They may form on the fingers due to long periods of writing, or from playing musical instruments. Most common of all, however, are calluses that form on the feet, due to something as simple as walking. These unsightly calluses are not only visually unpleasant, but are also prone to skin ulceration and even infection. It is highly recommended to treat calluses as soon as possible to ensure your feet are in proper, healthy working order.

Without timely treatment, calluses can continue to grow larger, and as the tissue dies, result in the formation of painful corns, especially on the toes and fingers.

Corns are far more dangerous, and if not taken care of immediately, can become permanent fixtures even after surgical removal, as the skin will continue to re-grow in the same fashion. Diabetics in particular are at risk for calluses and corns. Because diabetes affects the proper function of capillaries (the tiny blood vessels that oxygenate and sustain the body’s cells), there is a lack of nutrient-flow to the external layers of the skin, thus making them far more prone to formation of calluses and corns.

At Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton, we understand the intricacies of corns and calluses, and use an array of therapies to ensure their rapid and effective removal.

Don’t let your corns or calluses become a chronic problem.

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