Chiropodic treatments proven to relieve the symptoms of diabetic foot

Over time, diabetes mellitus causes damage to capillaries – the tiny blood vessels that provide oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body. This weakening of the capillaries may lead to areas of the body becoming nutrient-starved, particularly in the body’s extremities. The feet are especially prone to this type of damage.

Over time, the starved nerves in the feet start to die, causing a lack of sensation in the feet. Because of this, diabetics often fail to detect a cut or blister on the foot, and are also more likely to develop calluses, corns, ulcers and infections. These combined symptoms are usually referred to as “diabetic foot”.

At Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton, our registered and certified chiropodists use a complete, holistic approach in treating ailments associated with diabetic foot. Through various forms of advanced chiropodic treatment, we’ll help you relieve many of the symptoms of diabetic foot, as well as encourage and maintain the health of your feet.

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