Healthy feet and rapid relief of flat foot symptoms

If you feel your feet and legs tire easily, are often swollen, aching or stiff, you may be experiencing symptoms of flat feet. This common ailment should be treated as soon as possible, not only to maintain proper foot health, but also because flat feet tend to cause general back and leg pain in the long run.

At Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton, we’ll expertly assess your specific flat foot condition and determine the appropriate treatment for fast and effective flat feet symptom relief. Our certified chiropodists know the ins and outs of flat feet, so you can rest assured knowing your feet are in great hands.

What are flat feet?

When the majority of the soles of the feet are making contact with the ground, the condition is described as “flat feet”. This is a result of fallen arches, which may be present at birth, or develop due to a variety of factors including damaged tendons, broken bones, arthritis, obesity, and even pregnancy. Flat feet can be bilateral (in both feet), or unilateral (in a single foot only). Some of the most common symptoms of flat feet include pain and swelling, tired legs and feet, difficulty moving, and can eventually lead to back and leg pain, too.

If you suspect flat feet, or are aware of your flat foot condition, request an informative and stress-free assessment from Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton today.

Interested in Flat Feet Treatment?

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