Taking great care of your feet

At times the perfect balance in our feet can be lost, resulting in various forms of foot pain. Studies show that roughly 75% of all people will experience some kind of foot pain over the course of their life. Since our entire body structure is supported by the feet, issues that begin there often spread to other areas, especially the legs, back, pelvis and torso. This makes it all the more crucial to take care of our feet immediately, and in the correct way.

The foot experts at Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton know the detailed intricacies of the feet. We accurately assess the health and form of your feet, identifying the exact source of pain, and tailoring the ideal treatment program for your unique needs. Our focus is on stimulating and accelerating the healing process to achieve rapid relief of foot pain.

Foot pain can come from many regions, including the toes, the arches, the soles, the heels, and even up to the ankles, calves, knees and beyond. The sources of these foot pains are many: flat feet and fallen arches, diabetic foot, accidents and injuries (especially from sports and physical activity), incorrect motions and repetitive activities, along with a number of health conditions. Due to this vast complexity, it is critical to see a certified professional and address your pains immediately.

For over 10 years, Bovaird Health & Foot Care Clinic has been providing products and services to effectively treat a variety of foot conditions. Our chiropodists are fully-qualified and experienced. Visit our convenient Brampton location and learn more about what we can do to relieve your foot pain.

Effective relief of foot pain:

• Shockwave therapy, proven to be up to 95% effective
• Heel pain treatments
• Full chiropodist assessment
• Compression stockings for venous insufficiency
• Custom-Made Orthotics and Brand Name Orthopedic Shoes
• Massage therapy
• Naturopathic medicine
• Acupuncture

Interested in Foot Pain Relief?

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