Stimulating Foot Reflexology in Brampton

In traditional medicine, the feet are to the body what roots are to a tree. There are over seven thousand nerve endings at the bottoms of the feet, and each is deeply intertwined with the nervous system. These seven thousand nerve endings, or “reflexes”, correspond and link to every organ, gland, muscle, and section of the body. By pressing down on these reflexes in precise ways, the nervous system is stimulated and opens up energy flows into the appropriate areas.

Foot reflexology has been used for centuries in the effective treatment of digestive disorders, diabetes, circulatory disorders, high blood pressure, head and body aches, as well as psychological and emotional ailments. By putting specific pressures on certain part of the feet, without the use of oil, ointments, creams, or any form of medication, the body’s natural healing systems are stimulated, and any blockages of flow that are preventing healing are opened up.

Foot Reflexology to Enhance Circulation & Healing

At Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton, our experienced specialists use both ancient and modern foot reflexology techniques to target the unique ailments that are plaguing your body. Gentle, non-invasive, and all-natural, a soothing foot reflexology session will boost your circulation, digestion, and nervous system, relieve stress and tension, as well as enhance overall body health. To learn more about foot reflexology at Bovaird in Brampton, get in touch with us today.

Foot reflexology treats:

• Digestive disorders
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Poor circulation
• Sleep problems
• Headaches
• Cardiovascular issues
• High stress and tension

Benefits of foot reflexology:

• Improved circulation
• Stress relief
• Stimulation of nervous system
• Enhanced digestion
• Better sleep and more restfulness
• Relief of muscular tension
• Stimulation of immune system
• Non-invasive, non-medicinal, and all natural

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