Quick and Easy Surgical Treatment of Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are a fairly common condition resulting from nails growing improperly into the nail bed, usually on the toes. There are a handful of causes for ingrown nails, including tight or poor-fitting shoes, socks and stockings, pressure on the feet and toes, infection, excessive nail or skin growth, soft nail beds, or something as simple as stubbing one’s toe. In some cases, people may even be genetically predisposed to ingrown nails. Often, ingrown nails result from improper foot care, particularly trimming nails too short, or too rounded. Whatever the case, if left untreated, ingrown nails quickly become worse and worse, and are soon intolerably painful.

Keep in mind that medications and over-the-counter substances will treat some of the symptoms, and perhaps lessen the pain, but they usually do not cure the ingrown nail.

It is also important not to attempt to remove the ingrown nail on your own at home, which can be quite dangerous and harmful. Therefore, make sure to see a specialist as quickly as possible to get rid of the ingrown before you exacerbate the problem or allow it to progress into something far worse. This is especially true for diabetics.

Effective Treatments for Ingrown Nails Exist

The professionals at Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton are experts in treating every form of ingrown nail. Our qualified chiropodists will carefully assess the type of ingrown nail you have. If the nail has not progressed very far, non-surgical treatment options are available. However, in cases where the ingrown nail has advanced, a minor surgical procedure may be required. This is particularly essential in the case of a serious infection. The surgery itself is quick, easy, and worry-free, and your toes will be back in great shape in no time. Get in touch with Brampton’s Bovaird Health Clinic to learn more about ingrown nail surgery.

Interested in Ingrown Nail Surgery?

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