Effective Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy in Brampton

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, has been used for centuries in the treatment of disabilities and mobility disorders. This healing technique is based on a regimented program designed to stimulate skeletomuscular abilities, increase range-of-motion, and promote the recovery of damaged tissue.

At Bovaird Health Clinic, we not only provide physiotherapy in Brampton, but our qualified physiotherapists work directly with you to create a custom-tailored exercise and treatment program unique to your needs. We take the time to carefully explain the program, gently walk through the exercises, and oversee your progress throughout the treatment program, ensuring a high rate of success. If you are having trouble finding a trusted, reliable, and experienced physio clinic or specialist in Brampton, your search is now over.

Why Consider Physiotherapy Treatments?

Frequently, physiotherapy is required for rehabilitation following a car accident or a sports injury. Other reasons include workplace accidents, post-surgical rehab, as well as other unexpected injuries. A vast number of specific techniques are used in these cases to treat the condition, including joint mobilization and manipulation, neurodynamics, muscle stretches, massage, physical exercises, strapping and taping. In addition, related healing therapies such as acupuncture and chiropody care may be required.

At Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton, our certified specialists also make use of proven traditional healing techniques, such as paraffin treatment. In this form of therapy, warm and soothing oil-based wax is used to relieve pain, relax stiff muscles, and stimulate healing. Depending on the nature of your condition, our specialists will develop the ideal treatment plan and exercise program for you.

To learn more about physiotherapy at Bovaird in Brampton, get in touch with us today. Your physiotherapy plan and technique will be unique to your and your condition, injury, or illness. Your unique physiotherapy plan will ensure you receive the right plan for you.

Physiotherapy Uses

Physiotherapy can potentially treat and help a wide variety of ailments. However, these are the most common uses for trusted physiotherapy plans in Brampton:

• Auto accident rehabilitation
• Sports injuries
• Workplace accidents
• Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Muscle and joint pain
• Physical disabilities
• Stimulating muscle range and mobility

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps many facets of the body and illnesses with feeling better and more relaxed. While physiotherapy is quite extensive in the healing it promotes, here are the most common results of using physiotherapy in our clinic:

• Relief of muscle and joint pain
• Strengthening the musculature system
• Restoring muscular motion and abilities
• Treating disabilities
• Stimulating the body’s natural healing ability
• Rehabilitation following workplace and auto accidents, or sports injuries

Interested in Physiotherapy?

Get started by requesting a Free Consultation with our Physiotherapy specialist. Trust the physio clinic with the best reviews and highest customer satisfaction rate by choosing Bovaird Health Clinic today.

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