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Summer 2018 Promotions

Starting  February 7th, 2018 – November 30th, 2018

Massage Therapy Package

6 Sessions of 60 Minute Massages and receive ONE 45 mins Massage for 80% OFF!

Physiotherapy Package

6 Sessions of Physiotherapy and receive TWO Physiotherapy Sessions for 80% OFF!

Ion Detox Therapy Package

5 Sessions of Chiropody Treatments and receive 1 Ion Detox Session for 80% OFF !

Chiropractic Treatments Package

6 Sessions of Chiropractor and receive TWO Chiropractor Sessions for 80% OFF!

Acupuncture Package

6 Sessions of Acupuncture and receive ONE Acupuncture Session for 80% OFF!

Osteopathic Treatments Package

6 Sessionsof Osteopath and receive ONE Osteopath Session for 80% OFF!

Colon-Hydrotherapy Package

6 Sessions of Colon-Hydrotherapy and receive ONE Session for FREE!

Ion Detox Package

6 Sessions of Ion Detox and receive ONE Session for FREE!

Fungal Laser Treatment Package

4 Sessions of Fungal-Toe Laser Treatments and ONE Session for 50% OFF!

Shockwave Package

4 Sessions of Shockwave Treatments and ONE Session for 50% OFF !

Promotion details:
Take advantage of our limited time offer promotions by calling us at (905) 595-1146 and one of our team member will gladly assist you.
NOTE: These offers CANNOT be exchanged for cash and CANNOT be substituted for other services.
Free visits are applicable until June 30th, 2018.